Here I show you all the Levels that you can play in this game. Most of the levels are from the game Dreamy´s Dream Land only the Trainingslevel, Level 14, and the DLC Levels are new. So have fun to enjoy them all.


TOTURIAL: Magic Board

This level is based on a huge Board with a background of chalk, but not only the background the characters and items are chalk too. Here you meet Clevery who show you the basics of this game. So listen good then the game will be very easy to you.

LEVEL 1: Grass Valley

This is the first level of the game here are you on a grass field with trees and mountains in the background, its a very simple level here you can meet Skunky the Skunk at his home and grab some secrets if you play the game in New+ and can find some hidden passages. The enemys are here some plant creatures like bushes.


LEVEL 2: Sandy Beach

This is the second level of the game, after you have passed the field with trees you are on a wonderful beach here you can see sun parasols with sandcastles and in the background you see the sea. If you play New+ you can see the Sharkfood Island in the background then you can find hidden passages and even explore the water if you has the right character for it. You will see a mermaid called Aquarella who sends you kisses and here a some sand guys and crabs.


LEVEL 3: Candy Crunch Valley

This is the third level of the game, after you take some sunbaths you are on a fair full with candy stuff around it. In the background u see some candy canes gates baloons and even some houses. You find yourself sometimes on trails and jump about wagons. Even this level contain a secret on New+. The enemys here are small candy canes, candy muncher creatures that looks like Pac-Mans and Snakes who are licorice.


LEVEL 4: Frosty Island

This is the fourth level of the game, after you has some fun on the fair you find yourself on an icy island in a cold desert with snowmans and frozsen dino skeletons in the background with tall icy mountains and snowflakes scattered around the whole level. On New+ you can find here an ice cave which contains many secrets and an ice key. You even can get this key but how you have to find out by yourself. The enemys in this level are snowballs,  a snowman and a crazy weather guy.


LEVEL 5: Lava O Lambada

This is the fifth level of the game, after the cold you face the heat, now you are on a island with a huge vulcano and some creatures called Cocohots some of them are your friend some of them are your foes. The friendly guys are the female Cocohots with the red ribbons and the red hula skirt the evil guys are the Cocohots with fire and spears. here are some moving rocks you better should avoid or stomp on and don´t fall in the fiery lava on New+ you can explore the vulcano but don´t stay here so long.


LEVEL 6: Huge Desktop

This is the sixth level of the game after the dreadful heat you finally at a normal place it´s a huge Desktop a level with tables the desks. In the background you can see here some calculator and lights there are some sharp pencil tops you better avoid and some glue that will stop you to jump away. This secret has some secrets on New+. Enemys are here pencils, brushs and 6 that can eat you.


LEVEL 7: Space Stage

This is the seventh level in the game, you managed the desktops and are now on a huge space stage its not really in space its only a stage here you will see different planets, spaceships and even aliens. Maybe you even can find the huge spaceship under the ground on New+ in this stage that has a password system that gain you access to some special stuff. Meet Captain Alien here and say hello other aliens and the slime monsters you better avoid here.


LEVEL 8: Bubbly Bathtube

This is the eighth level in the game, from space you find yourself now in a huge bathtube full of soapy water. Here you move yourself on wooden ships through the stage sometime you can move on sponges and soaps but maily you move on ships. You even can enter the captains cabin on New+. In the background you see only water and a glowing star sky. On New+ this level keeps some evil secrets that are very hard to find. The enemys here are bubbles, showser heads and soap, so this is a very cleany level.


LEVEL 9: Legendary Land

This is the nineth level in the game, after some water cruise you see now some ancient lost world first of all you see a huge Dreamos Statue in the background that shows in the sky with a lot of green and mountains. Here are some old pillars and plattforms you can move on. On New+ you can explore the grounds of this old world if you has the right character you even can swim in lava here. There are some hard secrets to find in this level do you think you can find them all? Enemys in this level are moving rock creatures that you cant harm but stomp into the ground.


LEVEL 10: Arcane Forest

This is level number 10, you have passed the lost world and are now in a gloomy dark forest with scary trees and Munchers in the background here you can find on New+ some gloomy secrets. The enemys here are very spooky guys like thorn bushes, magician with a hood and poisen mushrooms. Here is a swamp with logs you have to pass it´s a scary place so better let´s move on.


LEVEL 11: Pyramid Desert

Level number 11 await you now. After the haunted forest you are in the hot desert its a very sunny place.Here are you mostly find ancient pyramids, skeletons cacti and sand in the background, the ground is full of traps like spikes you better avoid. On New+ you can explore here the grounds and find Tutanhios golden coffin, and there are a lot more secrets here like invisible paths. If you are a Fan of Pharaoh Man you will like this level.


LEVEL 12: Darkness Falls

We almost make it after the dreadful desert we find us in an spooky valley with Dark waterfalls in the background on New+ its even possible to get behind the waterfalls. There are some old fortresses with a toilet and a cellar that keep plenty of secrets but remember only on New+ you can grab all these secrets. The enemies are here very spooky like ghosts skeletons and even bats. But keep it up this is the final step.


LEVEL 13 Boss: Riven Nightmaremoon

After many levels we finally reach the final level but not for New+. Here you face Riven Nightmaremoon the evil mastermind of nightmares. After Riven talked to you we begin to fight with powerful magic. First he attack with his fists slamming on the ground, then he attacks you with his hand on the ground after that he summon dark boomerangs and then spells that are chasing you. Then you will see a star touch this to hurt Riven 3 times. After that Riven will be gone and Glimmy appears and the game is over if you play original or New.


True Final Level 14: Chaos Nightmare Dimension Part 1 (Only New+)

Now this is where is really begins. Level 14 Part 1 is a very hard course where you need everything you have learned before and you need some clever strategy to master it. This nightmare level is created by different plattforms and stuff from the game and some block that appear and disappear you need a lot of practise to master it it´s the hardest part from this game. Even if you Super Dreamy you can´t hurt the enemies but they can kill you with one hit. And there is an emey from any normal level.


True Final Level 14: Chaos Nightmare Dimension Part 2 (Only New+)

This is Part 2 of the nightmare. All what you have to do is to make it save from the top to the ground. But thats not so easy its a very very tricky stage not that you have to match the pattern of the blocks no you have to face fake spikes and walls there. In this part there is no enemy but the illusion tricks and the warp maze let you go insane.


True Final Level 14: Chaos Nightmare Dimension Part 3 (Only New+)

Okay tit´s almost over The third part is the semi final part. Here you only fight different bosses Riven, Nightamremoon, The Death and 2 times the Princess of Darkness. Riven, Nightmaremoon and the Death you fight in the dark. First of the Bosses face you Riven again he do the same again like before but here you only need to hit him 1 time then its over with him.

After Riven the defeated it´s time to face Nightmaremoon in big, his attacks are similar to Riven, first he attack with his fists slamming on the ground, then he attacks you with his hand on the ground after that he summon dark boomerangs and then spells that are chasing you after that he summon Bloodys and Skullys, then his power is gone and the star appear. Grab the star to smash him.

No time for a break now. Now you will face the Death. This is a quick fight. The Death can kill you with his death sickle immeadeatly if he touches you. To win the battle you have to avoid to touching him. But taht´s first very simple but the longer the fight the more speed he get. He has 6 different speed phases. Then a star appear and you can hit him. The star will burn away his robe and you fight your real foe.

Okay we almost done with the game only 2 more fights. Now you face the mastermind of evil the Princess of Darkness, finally light again. She self is protected around a big bubble. First of all the fight is similar to Tatanga from Super Daisy Land. She attacks with 2 small bals and one big ball. After a while a star appears touch the star to damage her. Thats all what you have to do avoid her attacks until the star appears the battle can be totally easy with a trick or the hell. After you damaged her she attacks you with more balls. Then she add one ball after you damaged her then she add a thunder and a missle spell, then she add more missiles,  then she let the screen fade out, then she let quake the screen, then she adds plenty of boomerrangs that can hit you, and her final spell is time kill you in 60 seconds, after that she fall from the sky.


Final : Cauldron Keep (Only New+)

Okay this is the final keep it up. You find yourself in a keep with fire and a huge laughing oven in the back. Here all what you have to do is to jump on the witch. Hit the devil witch 6 times and she will disappear and Glimmy will be saved.