This game contains a lot of Characters, stuff from Dreamysoftware ans stuff from famous games. Dreamy can disguise in many different persons like Dreamysofte Characters and famous Characters. Here I show you in who´s character Dreamy can disguise.

For the begin you can only choose Dreamy but the more you explore the game the more Character you can unlock


Main Characters


Dreamy Dreamstar

Dreamy is a small cute magician who fights for peace and justice. He wears a pink magic outfit and likes to spend time with his friends, sometime he is a bit cocky but he is always a good guy and know what he wants.


Glimmy Honeymoon

Glimmy is Dreamys cute girlfriend she is always polite and gentle she wears a yellow dress with a star diadem in her hairs she loves it to spend her time with Dreamy the only problem Dreamy has with her are her feet XD.


Riven Nightmaremoon

Riven is an evil sorcerer who was onced a friend of Dreamy and Glimmy but after Glimmy decided that Dreamy is her real friend Riven went insane and trys to defeat Dreamy with any resource.



Is an evil sorcerer that Dreamos a great magician has banned ages ago. After Riven opened his coffin his soul is free and want to take revenge.


Princess of Darkness

Nobody knows who she really is. In her is a dark force who want to take over the world.


Clevery Clever

He is a nice guy with an magista outfit who always carry a rod in his hand. He helps Dreamy to learn the basics.