Dreamy´s Dream Land Deluxe is a game that´s created by Florian Schlegel. It´s a funny simple very colorful Jump N Run about the little magician Dreamy who needs to save her girlfriend from the evil sorcerer Riven. The game is very colorful and is nothing for hard gays the graphics are very cute. The game the Original Dreamys Dream Land with 13 colorfu levels and New Game+ (unlockable).  There is a Toturial Stage that learn you the basics of this game, so you can decide if you want to start or play the Toturial first. There is more Stuff in the game that you think.

Here is the different other stuff you can choose



First of all u can choose the Toturial this is a Stage called Magic Board where Clevery explain you the basics of thisd game. Here you will learn anything about this game.



Here you have different options to choose from


here you can play the original game Dreamys Dream Land with new control settings, but its all the same game like for years ago.


This is a remake of the old game but with some new exspansion like sounds and so on.

-NEW+ (unlockable)

Play the game with more Levels and more new stuff, here you can explore new ways and passages and find secrets.


-Here you can play all unlocked Level again


Here you can check in which level you have missed something and see what you have to find

-BOSS RUSH (unlockable)

Play against all Bosses again one after another + there is a special boss battle to fight here.

CREDITS (unlockable)

Watch see Credits again.

. Before u start the game you can choose a Character first of all u can choose one character but the more u play the game the more character u can unlock. Thats all about Story



Here you can switch different stuff Off and On.


-Save File (Save your game)

-Auto Save (The game will saved after you finsihed one level

-Menu Save (Save your game by pressing ESC and choose save)


-Normal (The Window for messages will be normal)

-Transparent (The Window for messages will be transparent)


-Fade Out (he screen will fade out)

-Quadratsections (he screen will fade out with quadrats)

-Zoom in (Before a screen transition the cam will zoom on your character)

-Mosaic (Screen ends in mosaic)


-Call Menu (Will Call the Menu)

-Game Menu (Call the Menu by pressing ESC)


-DLC Events (Give u access to special Event levels)



Here you can see what characters and stuff are in the game, collect a Page to unlock stuff here



Activate Cheats to make the game more interesting, this can help you if you need help to beat the game or do funny things, collect a Choco Egg to unlock a cheat here. There are 23 cheats to unlock here)



Here you can see what special tasks u have completed and how you unlock an achievement. There are 96 different achievements to unlock here.



Finish the game.



Takes you back to the Title.