Games are nice but with DLC (Downloadable Content) its still better, mostly you can explore new levels and get new stuff. And yes here it is the same but to activate DLC you have to change something in the Menu first. Here I show you how to activate DLC in your game.

First go back to the Main Menu then select the option Options, after that touch the right arrow until you see the Headline Special. Here are the are DLC options choose DLC Levels and DLC Events On. After this step you has access to all DLC. No matter if this are Levels, Characters or stuff in your Lexikon.

To unlock a Special Event Level you have to finish it. Later it´s available at the Level Selection under DLC.

But first you have to find a Special Extra Level.

To gain access to the Event Levels. Play Frosty Island on New+ (not Level Selection) and after you hear a secret sound you see a white warp use it it will finish the level and let you access the Special Event Level.


There are 6 Special Event Levels

X-Mas, Silvester, Carnival, Easter, Birthday & Halloween.