What you have definately recognize is that this game is not like any other RPG Maker game. Normally the game is an exe you have to install on your computer because its compressed in the exe. But this time it´s different.

The game comes in an RAR file you have to exract with Win Rar (Free). Then you have a folder not an exe. it´s because this game use Data Swop.

What is Data Swop?

Data Swop is a method that if you got an game update you don´t need to play everything again because you just swop the File.

So it works.

1. Open your old Main Game Folder.

search for an save.Isd

2. Copy the Save.Isd file for example Save01.Isd

3. Open the Main Folder in the New Version of the game and paste the Save file in this Main Folder.

4. Start the game and you can continue on your save file and enjoy the updated Version.